hollywood photos

Programs: Adobe Camera Raw, Bridge, Photoshop


As my first assignment of my final semester with studio access, we were instructed to study the glamour shots of George Hurrell in the 30’s and 40’s before recreating our own. I took to the studio in my allotted time with the help of other students that were on a “bathroom break” to shoot and manage my first professional portrait shoot. The most difficult part of this shoot was the costume prep, as I was incredibly under-prepared for my first time doing a studio shoot. A lot of things went wrong and since I was on crunched on time, I could only afford to take a small number of shots which limited what I could choose from. I learned first hand what could go wrong and what I could do for shoots like these in the future (like bringing a hand-mirror for my models) but with all things considered, these are some of my favourite photos in my portfolio.

Golden hour family

Programs: Adobe Camera Raw, Bridge, Photoshop


When looking for a way to light your photos, why not use the sun? This assignment was all about the Golden Hour, which directly followed an assignment that focused on light temperature and mood in photography. I decided to capitalize on my niece’s birthday and have her get her first professional photos with her grandmother done by me! After waiting a couple days for the weather and the little model to co-operate, we went into their backyard to take these Golden Hour shots. This taught me to religiously check the forecast for the days I plan to shoot on, as well as how to work with unideal backgrounds in my photos. To this day, this is a photo that my mother has as her phone wallpaper and displayed on her mantle at home.