magazine ad

Programs: Adobe Illustrator


As an advocate of environmental stewardship, I jumped on the opportunity to create a mock ad campaign for Tentree that had both digital and print ads. I took inspiration from their last campaign and created a minimal, multi-level background to showcase the Australian fauna and flora that this campaign was raising money to help restore. The most difficult part of this assignment would be condensing the information I wanted to include so the ads stayed similar across the differing platforms while leaving room for them to be tailored to each app. It improved my ability to synthesize large amounts of information, while also teaching me about the quirks and benefits of the different medias you can advertise on.

tri-fold brochure

Programs: Adobe InDesign, Illustrator


When it comes to taking proper care of pets, there is a lot of misinformation pushed by corporations that value money over the wellbeing of these animals. One case of this is the care brochure on Leopard Geckos that I grabbed from my local pet store before I adopted my first gecko, Darwin. Their brochure was 90% text, excluded vital information, and worst of all was presented on an ugly green paper with no care put into proper and pleasing designs. When this assignment came around, I knew I needed to make my own. I included as much information I could with images to break up the text, including a shopping checklist that owners can look at to make sure they get everything they need! Rather than an uninspired green, I chose desert-themed colours to mimic their natural habitat with a rocky landscape along the bottom to make the brochure more appealing.

Book cover

Programs: Adobe Photoshop


As an introduction assignment to our program, we were told to re-design a book cover of our choosing to get us used to the tools and effects available in Photoshop.  After finding a collection of Tarot cards to use and endlessly scrolling through “oil painting of man” results on Google, I arranged them on my page and applied colouring and texture effects to achieve the result I desired. Since Tarot cards are integral to the story, I made the spine of the book into a card after retooling the card assets I’ve had.  Figuring out how to take images of different quality while masking the differences in lighting was difficult and required me to find tips that could hide any errors I’ve made. This assignment also showed me how powerful mock-ups are when displaying your designs, and allowed me to create my own database of templates I can refer back to for my future projects.